Helpful Tips

Find yourself in a jam? Maybe some of our helpful tips can keep the damage minimal until NSR can get out to you.


• Call your Insurance Company
• Call North Shore Renovations– 1-800-591-3434

Do not enter the affected areas unless you have protective clothing on such as:

• Tall rubber boots
• Rubber or Latex gloves
• Dust mask/surgeons mask
• Protective eyeglasses
• Protect any open wounds/skin areas

Do not remove any contents unless cleaned & sanitized properly first.

Preventative Measures:

• Monitor storm drains during the rainy season
• Trees that are a possible threat with rooting close to a dwelling should be removed/transplanted. OR
• Have a company come out to clear your lines of obstructing roots/debris.

Sump Pumps should be regularly maintained

• Check age of pump
• Make sure pump(s) are properly installed
• A back-up generator may be considered in the event of a power failure


Prior to entering a room with standing water, PLEASE make sure that there are no electrical cords, appliances, outlets, etc. that have come in contact with water.

• Shut off water source, if accessible.
• Try to save as many contents as possible by moving to a dry, non-affected area.

Preventative Measures:

• If going out of town for a length of time during the cold season,
make sure that the following occurs:

• The main water line is shut off.
• All faucets, including outdoor faucets, are open to allow air to pass
through and dry out.
• All toilets have anti-freeze in them
• Furnace is set to at least 55 – 60 degrees at all times.
• A neighbor or family member has a spare key and your traveling
information in the event of.

• Don’t leave the house while dishwasher or washing machine is running.
• Gutters are free from clutter.
• Roofing should be checked periodically.
• Flower beds and low spots in the yard should have proper drainage.


• Have flashlights ready in the event of a power outage.
• Stay clear of windows and retreat to a lower/safer section of your property.
• Stay tuned to weather outlook/reports
• Have a phone nearby in the event of required emergency assistance.
• Check to make sure all within are safe.
• Before leaving the dwelling, look outside to make sure that there are no obstructions to exits, no hanging “hot” electrical wires and the weather has subsided ensuring that it is somewhat safe enough to exit.

Preventative Measures:

• Make sure all surrounding trees are healthy.
• Trim back branches that could be harmful during a storm
• Trim back branches that are close to power lines.
• Patio/Porch furniture is secured safely.

• Trash cans and various yard novelties are secured or placed in an out building.
• Children’s toys should be cleared and stored properly.
• Flashlights have fresh batteries.


Accept kind gestures from neighbors, family & friends to get you through the first 24 hours. This will help family members to get through those delicate hours with some level of comfort. Try to get plenty of rest and nourishment – this will help in making good sound decisions.

Preventative Measures:

• One or more smoke detectors installed within your dwelling and batteries are changed twice a year. (Fall and Spring)
• Before your retiring for the night, make sure that you check over the house/building ensuring that all gas/electrical appliances are off.
• Never retire while there are burning embers in a fireplace.

• Have your fireplace chimney, and flue checked yearly – buildup of smoke residue and possible animal nests can obstruct vents.
• Never leave your home with appliances on/running such as clothes dryers, dishwashers, coffeemakers, etc.
• Make sure your dryer vent is clear of lint as well as your lint collector.
• The vent tubing on your dryer should be the foil type rather than the plastic.

• Clean your lint collector once a week; dryer sheets cause a build up of a waxy substance clogging the pores of the lint collector. This will prevent lint processing through and could cause a fire. To clean your lint collector just wash it with dish soap and gently scrub the screening. Rinse thoroughly and test by running water over the testing to make sure that water flows. Let dry thoroughly before returning it to the dryer.

When leaving town, it is a good idea to unplug appliances and other items. You never know what an electrical storm can do in your absence.


Call 911! Do not investigate on your own, unwanted visitor may still be present.

Preventative Measures:

Secure your house/business with the following:

• Alarm system
• Key Entry Deadbolts on all exit doors
• Security Rod for Patio sliding doors
• Check all locking mechanisms on all windows
• Motion Detector lighting around property.
• Glass Block for casement/basement windows.
• Timed lighting within the property.
If leaving town for a length of time:

• Arrange for a family member or trusted friend to check on property regularly.
• Have someone reliable & trustworthy to housesit.
• Keep up on property maintenance.
• Lawn mowed
• Snow removal